The Competition is now closed!

Phoenix Point Writing Competition Update

Thank you all for your patience. We have an update on the Phoenix Point Writing Competition.

Firstly, we'd like to thank every participant who sent entries in for us to read and judge. The standard was very high and the final selection made very difficult by the breadth of imagination shown by many of the writers. We are very proud and humble to be working on a game that has such a creative and imaginative community who are so keen and enthusiastic for Phoenix Point and its fiction.

We have now managed to contact the five selected finalists. These finalists are:

Oysters - Andrew Cheyne

Last Entry - Michael O'Neal

Closing Bell - Ian Wilkes

Hope Dies Last - Jude Reid

Untitled - Alexander Rinehart

We will be working with these writers on their submissions and eventually, these five stories will be included in the official Phoenix Point fiction. Congratulations to our finalists! We'll be sharing more details on their entries and our winner soon.

Allen Stroud - Phoenix Point Co-Lead Writer.

Ten years from now, the world is beset by a strange viral epidemic, first called ‘Samudr Flu’, later known as the Pandoravirus. A mist comes out of the sea, spiriting people away into the ocean. An oil rig is attacked and dragged into the depths by a mysterious sea creature. Some people claim this is a viral stunt for a blockbuster movie, but others are genuinely panicked, and the authorities offer no explanation.

Produce a short 500-1000 word dystopian future story, set between 2018 and 2030 AD that describes one person’s struggle to come to terms with these mysterious events, and something that happens to them, bringing the crisis to their own front door.

Source Material

You may find some useful source material by signing up to the newsletter and receiving copies of The Briefing (volumes 1 to 6) or you may want to read the information on the world section of the Phoenix Point website -

Contest Rules

You must be:

1. Aged 18 years or older.

2. The sole author of your submission.

Your story must be:

1. Written in first person present or past tense.

2. Compatible with the Phoenix Point fiction setting (see above).

3. Formatted as docx, doc, rtf, double line spaced, in Times New Roman font (or similar).

4. Written and submitted in English.

5. Please include your full name and email address on your submission.

The Snapshot writers will maintain an open thread on the Phoenix Point Reddit for you to ask additional questions.

Winners of this competition will have their story included as part of the official Phoenix Point fiction and featured on the website and the ongoing newsletter. The winner will also receive a Signed Collector’s Edition of Phoenix Point on release.

The deadline for this competition is:  31st December 2018

IP Release Agreement

By submitting your work via the entry form below, you agree to grant Snapshot Games Inc. the perpetual, worldwide right to edit, adapt, modify, reproduce, promote, publish, and otherwise use your entry, should it win, and/or its contents in any way and in any media for trade, advertising, promotional, and/or any other purposes, as Snapshot Games and/or its designees may determine or see fit, without having to seek permission from, and without consideration or notification to any participant or any third party. You also agree that the entry may, in Snapshot’s sole discretion, be posted online at the contest website and/or any other website as determined by Snapshot Games, for visitors to the website(s) to view.