+ When and how can I access the Backer Build (pre-alpha)

The first Backer Build will be available on May 1st at 7am UTC. If your Fig backer level or pre-order level include access (listed as "pre-alpha" or "early access") you will receive an email with download and activation instructions when the build is ready for download.

+ When will Phoenix Point be available?

We plan on a release in June 2019.

As always with game development, these delivery dates are estimates and should only be used as a guide. We will make every effort to deliver by these dates.

+ When do I get my stuff?

Physical items will be delivered closer to the launch of the game once we have a better idea of the quantities we need to manufacture.

Digital items (wallpapers, OST, the Compendium e-book, digital art book) including Phoenix Point keys will be delivered closer to the release of the game. For keys, we will send you an e-form to complete, via email, to select from a Steam or GOG key.

+ Can I stream or make videos of the Backer Build

Yes. You can stream or upload videos from the Backer Build to your preferred content sharing service. We just ask that you make it clear you're playing an "in-development" build.

+ How do I submit my name?

Your pre-order or backer pledge may allow you to submit your name to be included in the game's credits, or even to be entered into the pool of names randomly assigned to the soldier roster.

We haven't started to collect this information yet. We will send you an e-form to complete, via email, where you can submit your desired names.

+ Will the game be available on Steam/GOG?

Yes. Phoenix Point will be available both through Steam and (GOG version is DRM free). In addition, if you place a pre-order through our webstore you will be given the choice of a Steam key or GoG key at launch.

+ Will the game be available on Linux / Mac?

Yes. We are releasing versions for PC Windows, Linux and Mac all at launch.

+ Is Phoenix Point coming to Console?

Phoenix Point will be available on Xbox One at release. We have nothing to announce for other consoles at this current time.



+ How will the shooting work? Will it have more realistic ballistics simulation?

Currently we have a system similar to modern XCOMs. We will soon prototype a more simulated ballistics system, but we have to solve some interface/feedback issues. The player needs to have some idea of what kind of damage might be expected from a particular position. The cover system will obviously be different, and it also needs to integrate with the hit location system. We have a plan, so we will see how well it works.

+ How will stealth work? Aside from silenced weapons like the crossbow, are there any other mechanics?

We have a design for this, although it is not currently implemented or tested. The system is based on detection ranges based on a character’s perception attribute modified by equipment and abilities. Various abilities and tech may reduce those ranges. You will be able to see detection ranges for known enemies. Normally, using a weapon will make a character spotted, but stealth weapons negate this.

+ Is the map randomly generated?

The battle maps will be generated using randomly selected, pre-designed components as in original X-COM and XCOM 2. We will add variable positioning of obstacles, such as barriers and vehicles. Additionally, locations may have already suffered significant battle damage before your squad arrives, creating more of an appearance of a war zone.

+ How will research work? Will there be a UFOpedia like classic X-COM?

Research will be based on a tech tree which will be revealed as the game is played. Each of the factions possesses some unique tech at the start of the game, and they will engage in their own research and development. You can acquire their tech, and there will be some unique options for the player based on combined tech from two or more factions. There will be a UFOpedia style database which you can access any time.

+ Will the game use time units or have a 2-action system?

Our tactical system is currently using something of a hybrid. Generally a character has potentially two actions per turn - movement and use of equipment. However, if an enemy is spotted while moving then the movement is halted and the player can react, either by moving or firing. This could happen multiple times per character movement. Additionally, Will Points are a very important factor. These can be used to extend movement, firing or add other actions to a soldier’s turn, depending on the abilities of the character or equipment in use.

+ Will there be a pod system?


+ Will there be any multiplayer or co-op options?

Our focus is very much on the single player campaign, and we are aiming for something deep, involving, and highly replayable. Consequently, we have no plans to implement multiplayer options for Phoenix Point.

+ Will buildings and terrain be fully destructible?

All buildings and structures are potentially destructible. Some structures will be much tougher, and some may be vulnerable to certain types of damage, such as fire.

+ When you said 4+ squads, that means the starting lineup is 4?

Four is the lower limit for deploying a squad, not a starting limit. Squad Sizes can be as high as 16, depending on the transport available and the type of mission. A more limiting factor on squad size would be the scarcity of recruits and ongoing injuries (or mental traumas) of soldiers.

+ Will psychology play a role as well, such as panic and fear?

Fear, panic and insanity will all play a role. Permanent mental traumas may affect the abilities, behaviour and reliability of soldiers in combat.

+ Will there be a cover system?

Yes. The cover system works in a very similar way to XCom 2.

+ How do 'Will Points' work?

'Will Points' are spent to activate many special actions or abilities. The initial and maximum number of Will Points a character has is determined by its Willpower stat. Physically or mentally strenuous actions generally require more Will Points. A character will lose Will Points for serious injuries, death of a comrade or facing terrifying monsters. If Will Points would be forced to go below zero the character may panic and lose sanity. Some Will Points are recovered by resting for a turn. There are a number of other effects that can positively or negatively affect will points. Characters with leadership ability can boost will points for squad members, for example. Some special alien attacks directly target Will Points.

Phoenix Point is being created by Julian Gollop who was the original designer, programmer and artist of X-Com (X-Com: UFO Defense / UFO: Enemy Unknown) in 1994. Phoenix Point is a spiritual successor to the original X-Com games and hopes to invoke the same feeling and atmosphere of those classic games, retaining many of those much-loved gameplay mechanics while adding some new ones.


+ Will the game be on Steam?

Yes, Phoenix Point will be on Steam and we will provide Steam keys to backers who want to receive their game this way.

+ Will the game be on GOG?

Yes, Phoenix Point will be available through and we will provide keys for backers who want to receive their game this way.

+ Will the in-game digital items (chitin armor, living alien guns) be available in the future?

These items will be included as part of a DLC which will be released 3 months after launch of the main game. Backers who purchase the Luxury Digital Edition or above will have exclusive early access to these items when the game is launched instead of the later date for the DLC pack. These items come with a number of special missions and two separate storylines.

+ What languages are going to be supported?

English, Spanish, German, Italian and French will be supported in all game text. Voice over will be limited, and only in English with subtitles in other languages.

+ How will the Immortalization reward work?

You will work with our art team, writing team and design team to create a key NPC in the game.

You will create a haven leader - this means designing the face, the name, the bio and the personality of the character. The face can be after your own likeness, for which you will have to supply frontal/side photos of your head. Our art team work with you to create this and make it impressive.

Haven leader characteristics include aggression, guile, technocratic, diplomatic, charismatic, and so on. These characteristics interact with many systems in the game.

Your haven leader can be a member of a faction, or an independent leader. You will be able to define your character’s attitude to other factions (if independent). If your leader is a member of a faction it may have a high rank or key role, depending on the faction.

You can name your haven. You can define the layout of your haven, its structures and facilities and its tech. This must be within the confines of game world plausibility. However, your leader and haven will definitely be considered one of the major havens in the world.

Your leader may have any gender, race or nationality - but note that haven locations are partially randomized. You can specify a general area that your haven might be located, e.g. coastal, in Africa, deep inland, etc.

In the game, players interact with haven leaders in various ways. Haven leaders will request assistance against the aliens or other threats. They will propose alliances (if independent). They will suggest trades of goods or technology. They may also act independently, attacking other havens or making their own alliances. They will attempt to develop their havens and tech.

+ When will you collect my address if I order a physical edition?

You will receive an email from our backer management partner, Xsolla, when we are ready to collect your details. You will also be able to update them at any time.

+ What are the estimated system requirements?

We cannot say for sure yet, but we realise this is a concern for many players. The requirements definitely won’t be too onerous, and there will plenty of options to optimise performance to run on lower end machines.