Phoenix Point Pre-order Store and Forums are now Live!


The Phoenix Point pre-order store is now live.

We have been working with CrowdOx to get our pre-order store up and running. If you wish to back Phoenix Point but haven't already done so, now is your chance. The pre-order store offers a large selection of our original backer tiers. For those of you that have been asking for PayPal support, there's good news. Our pre-order store does support PayPal.

Visit our pre-order store and secure your copy!

Snapshot Games Forums are up and running.

Our new forum is now live and waiting for you to sign up. Here, you can keep apprised of all the latest Snapshot Games and Phoenix Point news, engage with other Phoenix Point enthusiasts and chat with the developers.

Get yourself a forum account and start chatting today. Alternatively, if you prefer live chat, our Discord server is also available.

Retcon Raider's Informative Videos

A community member and Phoenix Point backer has been making very informative and thought provoking videos revolving around the mechanics and lore of Phoenix Point. If you haven't done so already, visit his YouTube channel for some fascinating theories on Phoenix Point.

Kevin Hill