E3 Roundup + What Happens Next?

E3 week is coming to a close

It has been a very busy week at E3 for both Julian and David, who have been dedicating all of their time to driving the exposure of Phoenix Point and planning for the future. During this week, Julian and David were able to take a very short break from business meetings to perform an exclusive live stream and engage with the community. Considering this was Julian's first ever live stream, he did amazingly well. He managed to both complete the game scenarios and answer a lot of your questions too.

The stream was presented from Alienware's truck at E3 and streamed using Caffeine.tv's new streaming service. As Caffeine doesn't currently include a VoD service, one of our community members, PhoenixGR, kindly recorded and uploaded the stream to YouTube so that those who missed it can still watch. So a big thank you to PhoenixGR. 

Two generations of XCom designers raise a glass

During E3, Julian was able to grab a quick lunch with Jake Solomon of Firaxis, lead designer of the modern XComs. Julian's original works have long been a great inspiration to Jake, and the two took some time to talk about XCom, Phoenix Point, and of their passion for creating fantastic squad tactics games. Before parting ways to make other appointments, the two generations of XCom designers share a well-deserved drink together.

The following day, Jake gave an interview to PCGamesN, where he talks about the new XCom 2 expansion and his relationship with Julian. Jake discusses how the success of XCom and of Phoenix Point are both good for one another. You can find the interview on YouTube here.

Chaos Reborn key surveys

Surveys for Chaos Reborn keys have been sent out to backers via email. When you open the email, it will take you to a survey page. Here, you select if you would prefer a GoG key or a Steam key. The keys will hopefully be sent out next week to the same email addresses, and you will receive a key for whichever platform that you selected in the survey. If you haven't received the email, please let us know at contact@snapshotgames.com

Chaos Reborn has also received an update this week. The update is currently on an optional beta branch of the game which is being tested. We plan to have the update live around the same time that the keys are distributed, to give you the best experience.

What happens next?

At the weekend, Julian will take the long journey back to Sophia to continue development on Phoenix Point. Over the next three months, Julian and the team will be focusing on adding the following features:

  • Realistic ballistics system for combat
  • Strategic game systems and geoscape view
  • Destructible environments
  • Faction haven structures
  • Humanoid animation and mutation systems

Julian will also be preparing to welcome the latest members to the Snapshot development team and set them to work. Snapshot Games are also still hiring talented people, and intend to take the total team size up to around 30 members. If you have games development or art experience and would like the chance to work on an exciting upcoming game which will be played around the world, then check out the available positions over on the Snapshot Games website.

Kevin Hill